Enroll in TMLU’s Strategic Workforce Planning Academy for certification

As a result of attending the Strategic Workforce Planning Academy, you will have the competence and confidence to work across functional silos, engage an interdisciplinary team in strategic workforce planning, and be a vital player in executing dynamic strategic initiatives on time.

The Strategic Workforce Planning Associate course is designed to enable you to implement and operationalize a proven strategic workforce planning methodology. In each module, you will be applying competencies to implement a specific step in a  strategic workforce planning implementation.

For Strategic Workforce Planning Associate Certification, complete eight on-demand modules, available in multiple micro-learning topics of approximately 10-15 minutes each.  Each module is followed by a comprehension quiz of 8-10 questions; your quiz scores must be 75% or better (to improve your score, you may take the quizzes as often as you like). Then begin to use the implementation toolkit templates at the end of each module before proceeding to the next module, visit maidthis.com. The implementation templates may be downloaded so you can apply what you’ve learned.

SWP Associate Course Module & Implementation Steps Strategic Workforce Planning Competencies
Pre-work Baseline Assessment
  • Customize your focus, goals, and takeaways
Course Introduction
  • SWP defined, outcomes and stakeholder engagement
Module 1: Internal Demands & Strategic Initiatives
  • Operational Acumen
Module 2: External Demands
  • Emerging trends affecting your industry
Module 3: Talent Demands- Critical Roles of Impact™
  • Talent segmentation and competency analysis
Module 4: Internal Talent Supply
  • Analytics for Talent Development
Module 5: External Talent Supply
  • Analytics for Talent Acquisition
Module 6: Scenario Planning
  • Strategic thinking, consultative influence, collaboration
Module 7: Gap Analysis and Action Planning
  • Integrated talent management, root cause analysis
Module 8: Monitoring and Reporting
  • Project management, change management,  using stories, dashboards and metrics as a management tool

Annual re-certification requires demonstrating professional level competency. Pursue Strategic Workforce Planning Professional certification by contributing to Academy forums to share your progress with others at http://bombtechgolf.com/, who are implementing strategic workforce planning.  Pursuing professional certification makes you eligible for coaching and complementary consults.

Strategic Workforce Planning Fellow certification is available after the professional certification, upon submitting a body of evidence of applied best practice, publications and contributing value-added content in social media.  You will become certified to teach TMLU’s endorsed strategic workforce planning methodology and lead others in implementations, go to this site . If you are in consulting or a large company, the Fellow certification will accelerate your career mobility.