Module 2: External Demand

with Joy Kosta
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Strategic Workforce Planning Academy


In Module 2, you will identify which external demands the world is making on your organization’s strategic goals/internal demands, and how changes in external demands may refine, revise or replace strategic goals the organization is demanding of itself. This is will become even more important in Module 6, Scenario Planning.  
Listen to the module topics in sequence; mark each topic “complete” when you finish it in order to begin the next topic.

Then download the implementation template to apply what you’ve learned in your work setting.
(You can upload an implementation template any time and view uploads under My Assignments).

Next take the quiz to pursue your Associate certification.
(You can take the quiz as many times as needed to get a 75% passing score).

After passing the quiz, comment in the Discussion Board to pursue Professional certification.

Course Content

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