Modern Photography Course

Photography today has reached the hands of almost everyone. Thanks to the hi-tech digital single lens reflex cameras, cyber shot cameras and mobile phones, which have flooded the market. There is constant competition among the manufacturer to offer maximum features at minimum cost. Thousands of Brands and Models are available in the market. Photography today has changed the lifestyles of the Masses. These topics cover each and every aspect of photography from history to various areas of photography. Technical aspects of photographic camera with camera controls, lenses and lighting equipment are also covered in this course, check out this link.

The objective of this course is to pursue basic knowledge of photographic process, including the use and roles of professional services, discover here. The recognition of strong image composition, technical operation, content and the essential knowledge for completion of a final image portfolio will also serve as primary objectives, along with the ability to convey critical knowledge of the photographic processes. Individual creativity, visual problem solving and precise craftsmanship will be emphasized Students will also be able to demonstrate an awareness of contemporary aesthetic and ethical considerations in digital photography.

To earn Professional level certification, please share how you have used this template and the module content in your work.